Reject for a mortgage? Don’t give up!

If you’ve recently been rejected for a mortgage or refinance, you’re not alone, and you shouldn’t give up. Standards for borrowing have tightened, but that doesn’t mean you should give up on this prime time to buy. In her blog post, “Rejected For A Mortgage Loan? Here’s What You Need To Do,” Vivian Giang offers advice for those who have been rejected. First, Giang says find out why you were rejected. The Equal Credit Opportunity Act requires lenders to inform potential borrowers of the reasons why they were rejected in writing within 30 days. Then you should make an appointment w...

October 18th, 2011 Reject for a mortgage? Don’t give up!

It’s All About The Numbers…

Recently there’s been a lot of talk about financial goals and being financially responsible, but many of us don’t really know what those goals are, or what being responsible means. Besides checking your credit score, it can be difficult to gauge where you match up to others. In her blog post “Money by the Numbers,” Vera Gibbons throws out some numbers that money-conscientious people can use as guidelines to decide what they need to do to reach financial goals. 0 percent. Ideally, you should owe credit card companies zero percent of your take-home pay. In other words, you should pay off...

October 11th, 2011 It’s All About The Numbers…

mortgage checklist for first time buyers

Hey, first time home buyers – Check out this mortgage checklist from Zillow. It helps break the complex process of getting a mortgage down into steps that are manageable, and it will help you make sure you don’t miss anything. Check it out!

October 5th, 2011 mortgage checklist for first time buyers

Credit score tips that don’t make sense, but work!

If you’re considering purchasing a home in the future, you may be paying extra attention to your credit score. Your level of risk, which is demonstrated by your credit score, determines the interest rate you pay on your mortgage. Therefore, it’s critical to get your score as high as possible to take advantage of the best rates. In his article “Credit score tips that don’t make sense,” Jason Steele discusses several tips that don’t seem right at first glance. FICO has a detailed equation for determining one’s score, and based on what we know about that equation (we don’t know it...

October 4th, 2011 Credit score tips that don’t make sense, but work!

5 Tips for Saving Cash on Home Energy Costs

We often tell potential homeowners to consider all expenses when building a budget to determine how much they can afford for a home. One of these expenses is utility, including gas and electric. With long, cold winters and oil at around $90 a barrel, this is especially important for Maine homeowners. Fall is the perfect time to take measure to boost your home’s energy efficiency before the big bills start rolling in. In his blog post “5 Fast Ways to Boost Home Energy Efficiency,” Jerold Leslie offers some inexpensive and easy tips for lowering your utility costs. Get a home energy audit....

September 27th, 2011 5 Tips for Saving Cash on Home Energy Costs

Tips for Protecting Your Vacant Property

Vacation and rental properties are a growing trend, and it’s important for such homeowners to minimize the risk associating with owning a property that you rent out. Owning a home is a risk in its self, but owning a home that you don’t inhabit regularly adds a different level of risk. There will be times when the property is vacant, and these are the times when you need to be extra cautious. In his blog post “5 Steps to Protect Your Vacant Rental Property,” Tony Sena offers five tips for reducing the risk of vandalism, theft, or other crimes to your property. Get rid of the “For Rent...

September 20th, 2011 Tips for Protecting Your Vacant Property

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