Moms share real estate advice

May 18th, 2012

We know it’s a little late, but this idea was too cute to pass over.

In her blog post, “Moms Share Their Advice for Real Estate,” Erika Riggs shares the advice mothers have given their children in regards to purchasing a home.

The number one word of advice, Riggs said, was to have financial sense.

One mother, Kristie Caron-White, said don’t take the amount you’re approved to borrow as the amount you have to spend. You can always spend less if you don’t have much saved.

Melissa Nowak said to buy as if you only have one income.

Another big piece of advice was do research.

Mom Kameron Lavinder said to know the demographic of the neighborhood you’re shopping in so you know what to expect.

Dixie Henderson said, with this economy, it’s important to purchase a home that can easily be resold if necessary. She said find a home that needs minimal immediate repairs, that is in a desired location.

Lastly, moms said don’t agree to anything until you get the home inspection!

Kathryn Hoffmann said to include a contingency in the contract that says the agreement requires your approval of home inspection, meaning you hire the inspector, you look over the report, and you decide if the home meets your standards.

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