A penny saved is a mortgage payment for Mass. man

July 10th, 2012

One of the most basic pieces of advice for those trying to save some cash is to keep track of spending closely, because every cent counts and adds up.

And for one Massachusetts man, many cents added up to his last mortgage payment.

Derek McLean of the Milford Daily News in Milford, Mass. told the story of Thomas Daigle, who in April paid off his last mortgage payment with Milford Federal Savings with more than more 62,000 pennies.

Daigle and his wife purchased their Milford home in 1977, and he then decided that he would make the last payment in pennies. So he starting saving about 2.5 pennies a day.

On April 24 of this year, the couple’s 35th wedding anniversary, Daigle made the last payment, which weighed around 800 pounds.

Daigle is living proof that every penny adds up. While you may not take saving as far as he has, think about how much you’re saving by packing a lunch instead of buying, or taking the time to clip a few coupons here and there. Eventually your savings will accumulate to a mortgage payment!

Read McLean’s article on Daigle here: Pennies add up for Milford man

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