Before closing, do a final walk through

July 31st, 2012

If you’re one of the lucky people who will be closing on a home in the near future, you may feel that the long journey to homeownership is just about over.

But there’s at least one more thing you need to do, which Brendon Desimone discusses in “5 Tips for the Final Walk-Through.

It’s important to know that a home inspection and a walk through are very different things.

A walk through comes after the inspection, and it’s the last chance you have to make sure all the agreed-upon repairs have been made, and no new damage is evident.

The walk through should be done with your real estate agent at least a week before the closing so that if someone does come up it doesn’t impact the closing date.

Bring you contract, as Desimone points out, so that you can reference it and understand what you’re agreeing to relevant to what you see in the home.

You may never meet the seller, but if you do and they are up for it, ask that they be there for the walk through. This will give you the opportunity to ask questions that they can answer better than anyone else.

Lastly, know what you’re looking for. Desimone offers a very helpful checklist so you know you’re covering everything:

  • Check the exterior of the home, especially if there have been strong wind or rain storms since your last visit.
  • Turn all light fixtures on and off.
  • Make sure the seller hasn’t removed any fixtures that are supposed to be there.
  • Check all major appliances.
  • Turn heat and/or air conditioning on and off.
  • Turn on water faucets and check for leaks.
  • Test the garage door openers.
  • Flush all toilets.
  • Open and close all windows and doors.
  • Do a visual spot-check of ceilings, walls and floors.
  • Turn on the garbage disposal and exhaust fans.
  • Check the status of any agreed-upon repairs.
  • Check screens and storm windows. If they’ve been stored, make sure you know where they are and that they’re in good shape.
  • Look in storage areas to make sure no trash or unwanted items, like old paint, were left behind.
  • Do a quick check of the grounds. Some sellers have dug up and taken plants (even small trees or bushes) with them.

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